Health and Development Foundation, Russia

Health and Development Foundation RussiaEstablished in 2003 as a Healthy Russia project, the Health and Development Foundation (HDF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with over 12 years of experience conducting programs aimed at public health improvement and behavior change, with a focus on mHealth interventions based on mobile channels.

HDF is a pioneer in designing and implementing comprehensive mHealth initiatives targeting issues related to maternal and child health, youth healthy life style, tobacco control and cessation, HIV and drug prevention, and support and rehabilitation of most at-risk populations.

Among the leading initiatives created by HDF are the country’s first national mHealth program, SMSmame, a maternal and child health text-messaging program for pregnant women and new mothers. Another, IVF/ART School, is aimed at clients considering or undergoing infertility treatment, in an effort to help combat the country’s declining birthrate. SmokeFreeRussia is a free mCessation and tobacco control service based on a mobile application. Everything That Concerns You is an initiative based on interactivity to promote a healthy life style for youth.

Most of the projects developed by HDF run on a national scale and are approved by related federal ministries and agencies.

Another aspect of the organization’s work that makes HDF unique is its complete in-house development of all four main components of its mHealth programs. The organization develops its own technology (SMS platforms, online courses, mobile applications, websites), design, content, and media products (such as live-action and animation videos).

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