The Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs

Bangladesh-ccpThe Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCCP) was established in 1996. BCCP uses strategic communication to build a just, healthy, enlightened society free of poverty and exploitation. Over the years, the organization has expanded its expertise in health communication to include other social development sectors such as education, anti-trafficking, agriculture, democracy and good governance, anti-terrorism and public procurement reform.

BCCP brings state-of-the-art tools, techniques and approaches to its SBCC work in Bangladesh. BCCP is also actively involved in creating and nurturing strong communities of practice for SBCC practitioners in Bangladesh and the Asia region.

Current and Past Activities

Currently, BCCP is the implementing partner of the Bangladesh Knowledge Management Initiative (BKMI). It is working to develop the capacity of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB), USAID implementing partners, and other stakeholders to develop strong, consistent, and effective SBCC campaigns and messages for improved health outcomes.

The BCCP program ‘Know Yourself,’ was the first reproductive health initiative in Bangladesh developed by and for adolescents. It helped adolescents develop the psycho-social skills necessary to lead healthy, productive lives.

Another BCCP program, “Awareness for Justice,” is designed to improve the delivery of legal aid, enhance judicial governance and raise awareness among citizens of their rights guaranteed under the Constitution. The program targets rural women in particular who are frequently subjected to violence and discrimination but feel they have no right to lodge a complaint.

Similarly, the ‘Community Action for Child Protection from Violence project’ works to strengthen community actions to protect children from violence, and provide them legal aid and a comprehensive package for their rehabilitation. BCCP has also joined a coalition working to strengthen Bangladesh’s tobacco control law as well as monitor the tobacco industry, itself.

Contact: Mohammad Shahjahan, Director and CEO