Photo courtesy of UNICEF Guinea.

Photo courtesy of UNICEF Guinea.

CCP’s expertise in creating health communication programs designed to fight malaria, HIV/AIDS and other deadly diseases has prepared it well for tackling Ebola, particularly in Liberia where CCP has worked closely with the Ministry of Health to rebuild the country’s health care system after the civil war.

Through its Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) project, CCP is working hand and hand with Liberian health officials and workers to create credible, coordinated and timely messages in response to Ebola. CCP has four staff members on the ground in Liberia, who are training health care workers and volunteers in the field, developing appropriate materials and messages and conducting research and evaluation to ensure that the right messages are getting through. CCP is also working with the government of Liberia to produce a series of radio public service announcements that will be broadcast across the country.

Working with global health agencies, HC3 has also assembled an online collection of Ebola resources, materials and tools from and for the global health community: www.ebolacommunicationnetwork.org.