D. Lawrence Kincaid

Senior Advisor | Associate Scientist 

Dr. Kincaid is currently a Senior Advisor for the Research and Evaluation Division and Associate Scientist in the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has worked in Asia, Latin America, and South Africa. He developed and tested the ideational model for health communication evaluation; tested new methods for the longitudinal analysis of communication impact, structural equation, propensity score analysis, and path modeling; developed the theory and computer programs to analyze the multidimensional image (mapping) of audience perceptions of health-related behavior; developed and applied computer simulation methods to test a new theory of social influence in communication networks; developed methods to measure the cost-effectiveness of communication campaigns; helped develop a new framework to measure the social changes and individual health behavior outcomes of community dialogue and collective action projects; and most recently an elaboration of drama theory for the study of entertainment-education programs.

The convergence theory of communication which he helped develop is now included in the Encyclopedia of Communication Theory. Before coming to CCP, he co-authored the first book in the field on communication networks, and he edited the first book on communication theory from both eastern and western perspectives, which won the outstanding book award from the Intercultural Communication Division of the International Communication Association. Dr. Kincaid has worked in the field of health communication for 30 years. Dr. Kincaid is fluent in Spanish.

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