Ian Tweedie

Team Leader

Ian Tweedie has worked in Africa for 30 years on health, population, water and rural development programs in twelve African countries, with over 20 years on health communication and behavior change programs. With extensive experience in both program design and implementation, as well as research and evaluation, he has a combination of skills, experiences, leadership qualities, management style, creativity and cultural perspectives that make him uniquely qualified to lead innovative and comprehensive large-scale health communication programs.

He has diverse experience working on community-based approaches in both rural and urban settings, as well as, working with African production and creative personnel to develop highly innovative, culturally relevant, and impactful media and materials in film, music, radio, graphics, interpersonal materials and more.  Also, he has worked closely with government, universities and NGOs in Africa to build both institutional and staff capacity in the area of health communication. He inspires and demands the best from people, resulting in health communication programs that appeal to the heart as well as the head and capture people’s imagination as well as convey health information.

Over the span of his career, he has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to lead people and collaborate effectively with a wide range of institutions, resulting in highly prolific, innovative and results-oriented programs that lead to measurable impact at scale.  Ian got his start in Africa in the early 1980’s, at the age of 19, when he studied at the University of Nairobi and traveled alone throughout East and Southern Africa by bus, boat, in the back of lorries and hitchhiking. In 1985 he went to northern Ghana as a Peace Corps volunteer.