Kuor Kumoji

Senior Technical Advisor  

Dr. Kumoji is the Sr. Technical Advisor for the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP). She has over ten years of practical program and research experience in domestic and international health, and in quantitative and qualitative research methodology. Prior to joining CCP, she worked with the World Health Organization in Geneva to develop a strategic framework for integrating HIV prevention and treatment interventions into routine maternal and child health platforms in developing countries, and also with the National Institutes of Health to develop and implement national evidenced-based clinical guidelines for cardiovascular health.

She is also an adjunct Assistant Professor with the Howard University Center for Minority Health Services Research. Her passion is working with high-risk, marginalized, and vulnerable groups, including women and children, homeless populations and street children and youth, and her areas of interest include gender issues, sex work and trafficking, reproductive health, adolescent health, and socio-cultural drivers of behavior. Dr. Kumoji obtained her doctoral degree in maternal and child health and a master’s degree in international health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and a master’s degree in community health from the University of Maryland. Dr. Kumoji is fluent in Ga and Twi.