No one is sure what will be the next great global health threat. Ebola has emerged in 2014 as a problem in West Africa that has the potential to spread if not contained. A few years ago a certain strain (H5N1) of Avian influenza appeared threatening as it could be transmitted to humans. Whatever the next global pandemic, public health experts will respond to make sure millions of people are not infected and economies are not crippled. And social and behavior change communication (SBCC) is an essential component of their response.

The Center for Communication Programs (CCP) provides expertise on strategic health communication focusing on prevention measures, preparedness, containment, and crisis management of an emerging disease outbreak.

CCP uses a health communication perspective to promote preparedness, prevention, and personal hygiene behaviors like hand washing. These approaches are based on CCP’s SBCC frameworks which improve program design and achieve maximum impact. CCP can develop communication strategies for key audiences that include policymakers, media personnel, health professionals, communities and individuals.

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