e-Enhanced Social Marketing Initiative – Ghana

© 2012, Diana Mrazikova

© 2012, Diana Mrazikova

What’s good for the customer is good for the retailer: That’s the philosophy behind the e-Enhanced Social Marketing Initiative (ESMI), an initiative in Ghana led by CCP in partnership with Mennonite Economic Development Associates and the Malaria Consortium.

ESMI (January 2014 – December 2016) aims to revive the commercial market for long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), providing households across southern Ghana with the option to purchase a net of their choice at an affordable price.

To do this, the project is working closely with all levels of the supply chain, from manufacturers down to the retailers.

To increase demand for LLINs, ESMI will launch a marketing campaign promoting ESMI’s e-coupon system, a mobile platform to which consumers can send an SMS and receive a coupon to purchase a net at a discounted price.

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