Gabrielle Hunter

Technical Co-Lead, Malaria

Gabrielle Hunter has more than a decade of experience in global health and social and behavior change programs, with a focus on vector-borne and neglected tropical diseases. At CCP, she has provided management and technical support to social and behavior change programs for malaria and Zika prevention and control, as well as for improving access, use and proper care of insecticide-treated nets.

Gabrielle is currently a malaria and Zika senior technical advisor for CCP’s Breakthrough ACTION project and leads the project’s global malaria portfolio. Her work focuses on the social and human behavioral aspects of disease prevention and control, using approaches informed by theory and evidence to promote healthy behaviors among target populations. Previous to CCP, Gabrielle worked on research programs studying Chagas disease and cysticercosis in Peru. She has a Master’s in Health Sciences in from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.