Qatar Supreme Council of Health

In Qatar, the prevalence of chronic disease caused by poor diet, tobacco use and lack of exercise has awakened the country to the need for strong prevention and treatment measures.

That’s where CCP and its sister organization AskConsult for Health (AC4H) come in.

The two groups have teamed up to train members of Qatar’s Supreme Council of Health (SCH) in using health communication to enhance disease prevention, screening and treatment options.

The training modules cover leadership in strategic communication, research, monitoring and evaluation for social and behavior change communication (SBCC), strategy and design of SBCC Programs, as well as a variety of other courses tailored to the SCH’s needs.

During the course, participants are instructed in strategies for helping people adopt healthy lifestyles, getting to the gym or the swimming pool, regularly, for example. Because people need to be convinced to change, the training modules also address the promotion of healthy living, through direct campaigns at schools and workplaces, and through media campaigns.

Type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer still need to be treated, but using its newfound expertise in health communication, the SCH will make significant efforts to encourage healthier lifestyles in Qatar. Primary healthcare will play a part in this process by identifying at-risk patients early and transitioning from points of care that deliver treatment and screening to “well-being” clinics.

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