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The innovative work of the Research and Evaluation team at CCP contributes to our reputation as a leading development communication organization. The Research and Evaluation team members are pioneers in the field of communication research. With experience working in over 60 developing countries and in all regions of the world, the team provides consistent attention to program impact assessment and continual refinement of evaluation methods. Many members of the Research and Evaluation team also serve as faculty in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, training the health communication leaders who will serve in the coming years.

CCP’s scientific research methodology for health communication program planning and evaluation examines the links between the program activities and changes in the intended population’s knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and practices in order to determine not only if change occurred, but how and why it occurred. To do so, the research staff at CCP employs a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Often working in collaboration with local firms, the research staff at CCP takes advantage of its collective and multidisciplinary expertise to make sure that the selection of methods fits the needs of the program, whether in its early stages or in the intermediate and final phases.

CCP follows a theory-based approach for its program and research activities. The goal of this approach is to identify the underlying causal mechanisms and the contextual programmatic elements that generate the observed effects, rather than simply quantifying change. Specifically, theory-based research focuses on the sources and barriers to behavior change at individual, household, community and environmental levels. Most importantly, it helps identify why programs have an impact and how they can be improved.

With superior researchers, and extensive experience, CCP is able to respond to any health communication need that arises around the world. We can design programs to support processes used by organizations with whom we might be called upon to work, and will provide appropriate research support at every stage of the process.

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“We make sure that everything we do is grounded in science and supported by research, and that our work generates the evidence we need to demonstrate the important role that communication plays in public health.”

Testimonial Doug Storey, PhD
Doug Storey, PhD
Director, Communication Science & Research

R&E Team

Maria Elena Figueroa, PhD
Director, Research & Evaluation

J. Douglas Storey, PhD
Director, Communication Science & Research

Stella Babalola, PhD
Associate Professor

Michelle Kaufman, PhD
Research & Evaluation Officer

D. Lawrence Kincaid, PhD
Senior Advisor, Associate Scientist

Evelyn ‘Kuor Kumoji, PhD
Sr. Technical Advisor

Tilly A. Gurman, DrPh
Research And Evaluation Officer

Carol Underwood, PhD
Senior Research Advisor; Assistant Professor