Research and Evaluation

It’s not enough to say you’re the pioneer and leader in health communication. You need to be able to show real impact and results. The Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs’ research and evaluation team does just that.

For 30 years, CCP’s researchers have developed and tested theories that help explain why people behave the way they do and how communication can influence health behaviors in a positive way.

The research and evaluation team works with program planners to design outstanding evidence-based programs, walking them through different health communication theories and how to apply them. We help set up monitoring systems, often using new mobile technology and software, to collect data from remote field locations in real time. We design and implement research studies to better understand communities’ most pressing health challenges and suggest practical, results-driven solutions. Most importantly, we make sure that organizations have access to useful data, that they understand it, and that they know how to use it to improve their programs.

CCP’s researchers don’t just determine whether or not a health communication program is working. They also are able to figure out which approaches are making a difference and why – and how programs can do even better next time. CCP’s researchers not only evaluate our own programs to make sure they are effective. We also provide outside, independent evaluations for other organizations’ programs, too.

Developing and using the latest science ensures the field has the best evidence to inform everything we do.

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“We make sure that everything we do is grounded in science and supported by research, and that our work generates the evidence we need to demonstrate the important role that communication plays in public health.”

Testimonial Doug Storey, PhD
Doug Storey, PhD
Director, Communication Science & Research