Gender is all too often a determining factor of a person’s prospects for a healthy life. CCP strives to erase poor health outcomes related to gender discrimination and inequality through innovative communication programs that address a broad spectrum of health and wellbeing issues, including:

  • the acquisition and transmission of HIV;
  • gender-based violence;
  • emerging, infectious and neglected diseases;
  • maternal and child health;
  • sexual and reproductive health; and
  • family planning.

For more than 30 years, CCP has used social and behavior change communication (SBCC) to address underlying gender barriers and facilitators. CCP’s gender transformative approach considers the local as well as global, historical and socio-cultural contexts that shape human behavior. It encourages community and household-driven solutions, rooted in theory and implemented through partnership. Participation, engagement, discussion and culturally appropriate communication are hallmarks of CCP’s gender transformative initiatives.

“Through interactive, evidence-based tools and programs, we create safe spaces that enable disruption, allowing people to think about things differently and critically reflect on how gender beliefs and practices are operating in their lives and decide on actions they want to take as individuals and collectively to address gender barriers and harmful practices and reinforce positive gender norms,” says Jane Brown, gender technical co-lead at CCP.

For more information, contact: Carol Underwood at carol.underwood@jhu.edu or Jane Brown at jane.brown@jhu.edu.

Select CCP-led Gender Projects:

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African Transformation
Brothers for Life
Tanzania Capacity and Communication Project
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