Where We Work

Focus Area
breakthrough action
Breakthrough ACTION
Tackling intractable challenges around the world through social and behavior change
Knowledge SUCCESS
Making knowledge management easy, attractive, salient and timely
b'more for healthy babies, health and social justice
B’more for Healthy Babies
Reducing infant mortality and promotes well-being in Baltimore
Mother in Mozambique is securing a bed net while a baby sleeps in bed
Fighting Malaria with Social and Behavior Change
Preventing malaria and improving treatment in Mozambique
mosquito nets tanzania vector control activity
Tanzania Vector Control Activity
Distributing insecticide-treated mosquito nets throughout Tanzania and Zanzibar
Ethiopian woman helping another woman learn computer skills
Community Service as a Pathway to Work
Nurturing youth leadership and workforce participation in Ethiopia
social and behavior change uganda
Social and Behavior Change Activity
An innovative integrated social and behavior change project in Uganda
Policy and Economic Levers Youth and Gender project
Envisioning a future where young people have the agency, skills and opportunities to make informed choices
Combatting deep-rooted poverty and malnutrition in the DRC
Projet Notre Santé
Improving the quality, accessibility, and affordability of health care in Guinea
Empowering young people in Ethiopia with knowledge and skills
Demographic and Health Surveys Program
Advancing global understanding of health and population trends in developing countries
MOMENTUM Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics
Promoting equitable access to safe surgery for women
The Challenge Initiative
Scaling up successful family planning programs in Nigeria
Expanding global capacity to respond to major disease outbreaks
Accessible Continuum of Care and Essential Services Sustained
Increasing access to quality health services in Madagascar
Using social and behavior change communication to improve health in Bangladesh
Advancing Evidence for Global Implementation of Spatial Repellents
Enabling policymakers to better understand spatial repellents
Keneya Jemu Kan
A comprehensive program to tackle some of Mali's most pressing health concerns
Multisectoral Child Nutrition and Health Project
Working with nutrition researchers to reduce malnutrition, stunting and other health issue
NURHI Nigeria Family Planning
Sustaining Programs and Partnerships on Reproductive Health Transformation
Improving family planning gains in Nigeria
family planning
Post-Pregnancy Family Planning
Increasing modern contraception use among women in Nigeria’s largest city
Women in Indonesia smile with the MyChoice family planning mobile app, SKATA.
Revitalizing family planning efforts in Indonesia
Women in Senegal at health clinic.
Integrated Service Delivery and Health Behaviors (Neema)
Improving health for women and children in Senegal
Health Communication Capacity Collaborative
Helping countries around the world create their own behavior change
Health Communication Component
Working to improve maternal and child health in Pakistan
Tackling child marriage in Bangladesh refugee camps
Tackling child marriage in Bangladesh refugee camps
A healthy farmer in Malawi smiles.
One Community
Preventing, testing for and treating HIV in Malawi
Mobile phone users sitting on a bench in Kolkata, India.
Knowledge for Health
Gathering and sharing the world’s most accurate and current health resources
Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative
Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative
Using communication to increase demand for family planning
Measurement, Learning & Evaluation
Evaluating urban reproductive health programs
Interpersonal Communication for Immunization Package
Arming frontline health workers across the world with tools to ensure high vaccination rates
Working to prevent malaria in Africa and Asia
DOVE – Stop Cholera
Working to halt the spread of cholera through the appropriate use of oral cholera vaccine
Private Sector Malaria Prevention
Creating a commercial market for insecticide-treated bed nets in Ghana
Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems
Improving the quality and outcomes of health care through science
Bernard van Leer Foundation
Communicating the vital importance of a child's first three years to parents
Trust Trachoma
Working in Uganda to prevent one of the world’s neglected tropical diseases
family planning stories
Family Planning Voices
Telling stories from around the world
Bilharzia Prevention Campaign
Working to prevent a neglected tropical disease that affects 20 percent of people in Uganda
A pregnant woman in Mozambique receives health care.
Communication for Improved Health Outcomes
Inspiring healthy behaviors and promoting health in Mozambique
johns hopkins center for communication programs
ROSHNI (Rights for Sanitation, Health and Nutrition Initiative) Project
Working to improve water, sanitation, nutrition and early child development in India
Healthy girl in Ethiopia smiles while she sits outside.
Communication for Health
Encouraging healthy behaviors and transforming the public health system in Ethiopia
Project Ujjwal
Reducing maternal deaths in India
AcQual III
Improving family planning services and accessibility in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Advance Family Planning
Advocating for access and funding in Indonesia and Tanzania
American Cancer Society
Bringing current, culturally relevant cancer information to patients and their caregivers in Africa, India
Suaahara Nepal
Improving nutrition of Nepali women and their young children
Increasing access to family planning in the Philippines