Celebrating 40 Years of POPLINE Sharing FP Knowledge

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs (CCP) is pleased to celebrate the 40th anniversary of POPLINE, a comprehensive database that provides access to the world’s population, family planning and related public health literature to clients in developing countries and development agencies.

Central to POPLINE’s mission is sharing knowledge. Its audience – which includes program managers and planners, policymakers, health care providers, researchers and teachers – serve as key sources of new knowledge.

POPLINE receives 20,000 monthly visits from 15,000 users around the world. The database has 390,000 records covering 22,000 journal titles and 125,000 technical and programmatic publications. The resource also provides access to over 60,000 documents published in low- and middle-income countries and has delivered nearly 500,000 full-text documents in return.

POPLINE was first developed under the auspices of George Washington University’s Population Information Program in 1973. In 1978, the database moved to Johns Hopkins University where it has grown exponentially.

Today, POPLINE is operated by JHU∙CCP’s K4Health Project.

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