CCP’s Director Urges Use of Entertainment to Help Fight Ebola

In an article on CNN this week, Susan Krenn, Director of CCP explained the importance of using entertainment education to transmit health messages.

“This type of programming [entertainment education] really allows you to use creativity and pull people in for the value of the entertainment, while a communication plan allows us to weave messaging in,” she said. “One of the beauties of entertainment education is that your reach is phenomenal … you’re impacting a huge number of people.”

The potentially powerful impact of incorporating health messages in entertaining media is being realized in current efforts to fight Ebola. The CNN article discusses “Ebola is Real”, a song produced by UNICEF with local Liberian musicians. The song is just one of many avenues that health official are using to educate about the disease. It has quickly become very popular and officials believe that it is playing a significant role in transmitting critical public health messages.

Read Using music to fight Ebola in Liberia.

Listen to the Ebola song.

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