“Game-changing” ARVs, LARCS, Featured in the New GHSP Issue

The current issue of Global Health: Science and Practice (GHSP) takes a look at the delivery LARCS in crisis situations and examines why short-acting methods dominate on a global level.

Other GHSP articles explore possibilities for “game-changing” antiretrovirals, explain the use of a simple wall chart to increase immunization coverage and describe how a biometric fingerprint system can be used to identify patients and improve health care.

Find these articles and many more at www.ghspjournal.org.

GHSP is a no-fee, peer-reviewed, open-access journal co-published by USAID and the K4Health Project – based at Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs – in collaboration with George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

For more information, contact Natalie Culbertson at editorialoffice@ghspjournal.org

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