The Exchange: Knowledge Management Matters

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CCP’s Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project is guided by the belief that knowledge saves lives. That’s why the knowledge managers at K4Health work hard to collect and curate essential knowledge and then connect health program managers, service providers, and decision makers to it so they can act effectively.

Knowledge management is a simple concept, but it can be hard to articulate. Real dialogue about its power and potential starts with skipping the jargon and focusing on the heart of knowledge management: people.

This is why K4Health created The Exchange on—a sleek social publishing platform with a wide and diverse audience.

Simply put, in The Exchange, K4Health staff members write about the need for knowledge management in global health, practical ways to apply it, and the impact knowledge management can have on communities. The posts are personal and varied. They promote discourse and debate among public health practitioners and new audiences.

The writers contribute thought-provoking essays, personal commentaries, and practical tips in order to spark debate and inspire readers to try new techniques to harness, use, and share experiential knowledge.

In the most recent article, for example, Content Development Lead Liz Futrell writes about the personal and professional value of conducting after-action reviews, or debriefs, and offers step-by-step guidance on how to carry one out. If you like what you see, please follow The Exchange and “Recommend” your favorite articles!

Making the Case for Reflection at Work

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