A Stateless People, A Public Health Crisis


For nearly two months, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have streamed into Bangladeshi refugee camps from neighboring Myanmar, where this Muslim minority is being forced from their homes.

A few weeks ago, a team of three Bangladesh-based staff from the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs visited one of the 12 refugee camps set up along the border to see a public health crisis in the making. They found tents and tin shacks set up in former rice paddies teeming with people who need all of the basics — food, clothing, shelter — and who need basic health needs met.

CCP is working with the Bangladeshi Ministry of Health, UNICEF, other UN agencies and USAID to assist with the emergency response. CCP will help develop appropriate health messages to train the front line workers, community mobilizers and counselors that the government and NGOs are deploying. In a crisis, getting important health information to people can be nearly as important as food and clean drinking water.

Read more and see photographs taken by CCP’s Tania Jahan.

A Stateless People, A Public Health Crisis

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