What’s in the New Issue of Global Health: Science and Practice (GHSP)?

17 Jan 2018

GHSP journalThe latest issue of Global Health: Science and Practice (GHSP) is rich with articles on a wide variety of topics related to family planning. GHSP is a no-fee, peer-reviewed, open-access journal published quarterly by K4Health – based at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs – with support from USAID.

Among the issue’s highlights:

  • A call to extend the duration of effectiveness of the contraceptive implant Implanon and the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) for two years beyond their current product labels
  • Updated modeling results evaluating the possible increased risk of HIV with progestin-only injectable contraceptives as compared to increased maternal mortality if these injectables were no longer available
  • An inside look at WHO’s experience with developing guidelines on the use of progestin-only injectable contraceptives among women at risk of HIV
  • A review of what works to prevent unintended, rapid repeat pregnancies among adolescents
  • An analysis of factors contributing to post-abortion contraceptive use by young women in 10 countries

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