CCP Releases Interactive COVID-19 Prevention Dashboard

CCP Releases Interactive COVID-19 Prevention Dashboard

“Until we have a safe and effective vaccine, behavior change is the only tool we have to stem the spread of the virus," says CCP's Susan Krenn. "This COVID dashboard will help us more efficiently focus our behavior change efforts.”

Nurses receive education in classrooms, but a new app will help them get continuing medical education credits online.

A New Way to Educate Health Care Workers Abroad

Many of CCP's tools, resources and online classes will soon have new life as continuing education courses for frontline health workers in more than 40 low- and-middle income countries around the world.

Daizie Muzira is a student in Uganda who volunteers at Youth Equality Center, which advocates for youth sexual and reproductive health. Her story appeared in FP Voices.

Young People Gain from Sharing Family Planning Stories

Providing an opportunity for young people to publicly share their personal stories about family planning can help elevate their visibility, motivate them and instill confidence and pride in their work, according to a small new CCP study.

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