Poonam and Kabi Kumar

Poonam and Kabi Kumar


When it happened, it happened. But I don’t want another child for five to six years.
– Poonam Kumar

Poonam and Rabi Kumar Pathak got married in rural Nepal when they were teenagers. They planned to wait several years before having children so they could get to know each other better. But those plans were upended when she became pregnant soon after the wedding. “When it happened, it happened,” Poonam says. “But I don’t want another child for five to six years.”
During a medical check-up when she was eight-months pregnant, Poonam met HC3 Peer Facilitator Arti Pathak and the pair discussed family planning and modern contraceptive methods. Before her first child was born, Poonam was already worried about the next one. The conversation went so well that Poonam asked Arti if the peer facilitator would speak to her husband and mother-in-law. Arti visited Poonam’s home. Poonam’s mother-in-law thought Poonam should have another child right away so that the children would grow up together. But when Arti went over the health risks to mother and child associated with a short interval between births, Poonam’s mother-in-law changed her mind.
After learning about their many family planning options, the couple chose a contraceptive implant to prevent another pregnancy. Arti even accompanied the couple a half day’s journey to get the implant when it turned out it wasn’t available at their local clinic.
Now, more than a year later, neighbors come to Poonam – and her mother-in-law! – to discuss the benefits of the family planning.

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