Freeing Schools from Malaria in Tanzania

Aluminum-sheet structures visible from the road to Kilosa, Tanzania, appear to be agricultural storage sheds, but at closer range, the smoke and cacophony of sounds from kids playing and crying tell a different story. This is a small community—one of four allocated for flood victims.

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Swahili Fashion Week Features Malaria-Inspired Designs

Bed nets and mosquitoes are not often mentioned as sources of inspiration for fashion designers, but they featured prominently at this year’s Swahili Fashion Week. Swahili Fashion Week is an annual fashion extravaganza for designers from Swahili-speaking countries. It promotes the “Made in East Africa”

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Voices Program Launches Report on Malaria and MDGs

VOICES for a Malaria-Free Future, in partnership with the Global Health Council, Malaria No More, PATH and RBM co-organized a press conference for leading malaria experts, officials and advocates, to announce new findings detailed in Saving Lives with Malaria Control: Counting Down to the Millennium

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