Knowledge Management Index

The Knowledge Management Index (KM Index) is an assessment tool, developed by The Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project, to examine an organization or project’s use of KM practices, identify opportunities for improvement and, map out an action plan to strengthen the KM capacity. The KM Index measures the capacity in four fundamental KM practice areas:

  1. organizational structure (KM vision and strategy),
  2. learning opportunities (professional development),
  3. internal KM culture (seeking out and sharing knowledge), and
  4. KM for global health (effort to advance global health agenda).

The KM Index should be used as a baseline assessment to inform the creation of project activities meant to enhance KM capacity, and as an endline assessment to assess changes in KM capacity and implementation of KM initiatives over time. If desired, and resources allow, the KM Index may also be used as a midterm assessment to gauge progress and inform potential course corrections.