Tsha Tsha Mini Series Launched

Beginning October 2, Mozambican audiences can view Tsha Tsha, a mini-series that combines entertainment and education on HIV/AIDS. Brought to Mozambique by Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs ( CCP),through the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and PEPFAR funding, Tsha Tsha will be broadcast every Friday at 7:00 pm on TVM 26 consecutive weeks, and STV will rebroadcast the program every Sunday beginning November 25.

USAID Mozambique Director Todd Amani said at the official launch of the program that “we hope together to save more lives (with Tsha Tsha).” An impact evaluation after the first season of shows in South Africa indicated changes among viewers in HIV test rates, condom use, faithfulness to partners, and positive attitudes toward preventive behaviors.

Following a careful analysis of the series, the Mozambique National Council to Combat Aids (CNCS), JHUCCP, TVM and STV agreed that the issues are relevant to the Mozambican context, and decided to adapt the show for the local audience and dub it in Portuguese.

Tsha Tsha will work to achieve the success of the South African flagship show by strengthening positive social norms and providing positive role models that portray realistic alternatives to harmful practices and behaviors. The series will also aim to penetrate rural areas more effectively by facilitating village discussion groups to talk about important issues after each show.

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