CCP Trains Tanzania’s Senior Leaders in the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

Permanent Secretary, Madam Blandina Nyoni, MOHSW and Dr. Mliga, Director of Human Resources/Ag. Chief Medical Officer, MOHSW

The Center for Communication Programs conducted a Leadership in Strategic Health Communication workshop on October 19, 2010 for the senior management team of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Tanzania.

Under the auspices of the STRADCOM and COMMIT projects, the workshop emphasized the critical role of strategic communication in preventing disease and promoting health, and the responsibility of leaders to inspire and enable others to act and work toward a shared vision for health.

The workshop was led by Ben Lozare, Director of Training and Capacity Building at CCP, an international communication expert with extensive academic and practical experience. Over the past decade, Lozare has conducted almost 200 strategic communication workshops worldwide, resulting in an alumni base of over 3000 individuals in 27 countries.

The October 19 workshop was officiated by Madam Blandina Nyoni the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry. In her opening remarks she underscored the importance of communication in the daily operations of government. She attended the workshop along with the Director of Human Resources and Acting Chief Medical Officer, the Director of Preventive Services, the Director of Curative Services, the Director of Policy and Planning, the Director of Administration, the Commissioner for Social Welfare, as well as various Assistant Directors and Program Managers.

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