CCP Researchers Present at the 61st Annual ICA Conference

Faculty and staff from the CCP Research and Evaluation Division joined almost 3,000 communication professionals from around the world in Boston, MA on May 26-30 for the 61st annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA). The depth of CCP’s research expertise was on display in the session Explicating “Level”: toward a Multilayered Understanding of Multilevel Health Interventions.

This panel featured current research being conducted in five different countries: Dr. Rajiv Rimal chaired the panel and presented findings from the Malawi BRIDGE Project; Dr. Hilary Schwandt spoke about the evaluation of the Vulnerable Girls Initiative in three countries; Dr. Maria Elena Figueroa discussed the multilevel intervention and evaluation of the Tchova Tchova project in Mozambique; Dr. Stella Babalola presented methods used in the Northern Education Initiative in Nigeria; and Dr. Douglas Storey discussed approaches taken in CCP’s avian flu preparedness and response work in Indonesia.

As respondent to the panel, Dr. Robert Hornik, Professor of Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, gave positive feedback to the multilevel interventions that were showcased and discussed the challenges of evaluating interventions that are designed and implemented at multiple levels.

In addition to the Explicating “Level” panel, CCP research faculty presented papers at several sessions at the highly selective conference. These included panels on mental health preparedness and response, culture-centered approaches to health communication and the role of structural norms in promoting health.

The ICA is the professional association for communication academics. It aims to advance the study of communication by encouraging scholarly research, facilitating knowledge exchange and promoting public interest in the field. Over the last half century, the ICA has grown from a small association of primarily U.S.-based researchers to an international association with over 4,000 members from over 80 countries.

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