JHU∙CCP Awarded BCC Component of Education Project in Jordan

Students from a girls’ school in Amman line up for their morning discussions.

JHU∙CCP announced today that it will be implementing the behavior change communication (BCC) component of a new education initiative in Jordan. The Jordan Learning Environment: Technical Support Program (LETS) is a five-year USAID-funded project that is being led by Creative Associates, Inc.

The LETS project aims to improve student well-being and school achievement by improving the learning environment. The program will work in 320 schools across Jordan, and will include physical upgrades to 120 schools. It will seek to establish effective and sustainable communication channels within schools and with the community.

CCP will have full responsibility for the behavior change component of LETS, entitled Promoting School and Community Based Decisions for Positive Behavioral Change. CCP’s activities will include:

    • Designing and implementing behavior change campaigns and helping build the capacity of school staff to improve the learning environment;
    • Contributing technical assistance to the design of general and school-specific surveys that will determine health, social and safety needs and assets in schools;
    • Providing technical assistance to develop a quality assurance system and accreditation standards, strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Education to institutionalize them.

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