CCP Joins Frontline Health Workers Coalition

CCP is pleased to announce that it has become a member of the Frontline Health Workers Coalition, a collaborative working group launched in January 2012 that aims to gain support for frontline health workers globally.

The Frontline Health Workers Coalition advocates for access to basic health care by skilled, supported and motivated frontline health workers for all people. Frontline health workers include community health workers, midwives and local nurses and doctors who serve as the first point of contact for the millions of people around the world who live beyond the reach of hospitals and clinics.

The goal of the coalition is to have the US government develop a human resources for health strategy by summer 2012, and allocate the funds for implementation by September 2015. The coalition is advocating for the creation of 250,000 new frontline health worker positions and for better training and support for existing workers.

CCP supports frontline health workers through a number of our projects. K4Health produces tools and technology, such as Web-based tookits, eLearning courses and mHealth applications, to assist frontline health workers to access the information they need to best serve their clients. CCP will contribute to the coalition by creating communication toolkits to target key officials and developing other tools to help frontline health workers in their jobs.

As a member of the Frontline Health Workers Coalition, CCP joins almost two-dozen non-governmental organizations, as well as ten corporate partners.

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