CCP Researchers Contribute to Health Communication Books

Two recently published health communication books feature chapters written by CCP researchers and staff.

The Handbook of Global Health Communication brings together contributions from over thirty scholars and practitioners to offer a comprehensive analysis of the role of communication in public health, development and social change.

This book features chapters written by Maria Elena Figueroa and Doug Storey entitled, “Toward a Global theory of Health Behavior and Social Change;” “Egypt’s Mabrouk! Initiative: A Communication Strategy for Maternal/Child Health and Family Planning Integration” written by Ron Hess, Dominique Meekers and Doug Storey; and “The Impact of Health Communication Programs”, written by CCP researcher Stella Babalola, in collaboration with Jane Bertrand and Joanna Skinner.

A chapter on “Journalism and HIV: Lessons from the Frontline of Behavior Change Communication in Mozambique” by Gregory Pirio, a CCP consultant, uses CCP’s PACTO Project in Mozambique as a case study.

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