Celebrating 25 Years of Capacity Strengthening in Health Communication

Participants of the 24th Leadership in Strategic Health Communication Workshop visit Washington, DC.

“The Leadership in Strategic Health Communication workshop meant a lot to me; it simply made me do my work better and with confidence.”
-Robert Mwandish (Public Health Specialist, CDC, Tanzania)

“The [LSHC] workshop strengthened my capacity and confidence for strategic and productive communication and programming, beyond professional boundaries. It is a positive life changing programme.”
-Charity Ibeawuchi (Advocacy Advisor, NURHI, Nigeria)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of JHU∙CCP’s Leadership in Strategic Health Communication Workshop (LSHC). For over two decades, CCP has trained health and communication professionals from around the world in strategic communication techniques, imparting leadership skills and empowering the people who will make meaningful changes in their countries.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ben Lozare, Director of Training and Capacity Building, CCP has facilitated over 200 LSHC workshops, instructing over 5000 men and women from 27 countries. These individuals have become leaders at home and in the international sphere, in all sectors.

The graduates of CCP’s Leadership in Strategic Health Communication workshop agree that the professional and personal growth they experienced as a result of the workshop cannot be measured.

Workshop alumni describe their experience as “an eye opener to the world in a different perspective”, “a challenge to move from the comfort zone” and “a unique opportunity to enrich understanding and perception of the world.”

How can one workshop create such sweeping change? On the eve of the 25th LSHC workshop, Dr. Ben Lozare shares some thoughts about what makes this workshop a unique, life-changing experience.

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