Super Nana Shares Wisdom in “Good Food for Good Life” Campaign

Meet Super Nana, Baba Body-Building, Payin and Kakra the Protective Twins, Kofi Energy, and Mansa Breastmilk.

These six figures are Ghana’s first animated food “Super Heroes” and the faces of an innovative child nutrition campaign, Aduane Pa Ma Asetena Pa (“Good Food for Good Life”), created and launched in early May by JHU•CCP’s Ghana Behavior Change Support (BCS) project in partnership with the Ghanaian Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Services, with funding from USAID.

Malnutrition is a serious problem in Ghana. Almost 80% of children under five years and 60% of Ghanaian women of childbearing age are anemic. In addition, 28% of children face stunted growth and 14% are underweight.

Serious consequences can result from malnutrition, affecting children’s growth and development and potentially leading to impaired brain development, learning problems, physical weakness and poor motor skills.

The BCS nutrition campaign aims to increase understanding of threats posed by malnutrition and anemia and improve child feeding practices.

Combining animation with live action in television and radio spots and posters, the innovative campaign stresses the importance of feeding children the right balance of foods, in addition to breast milk, starting at 6 months of age. The campaign is broadcast nationally and will feature community mobilization efforts in Greater Accra, and the Central and Western regions of Ghana.

The Super Heroes explain that if the advice of the campaign is heeded, the result will be children who “Glow, Grow, and Go!”

View the Aduane Pa Ma Asetena Pa TV spots:

The Goodlife Food Heroes
Kofi Energy
Payin and Kakra: The Protection Twins

Baba Body Building

Super Nana & Mansa Milk

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