New Effort to Support Ganges River Clean-up Activities

Mission clean Ganges
CCP will support the efforts of Mission Clean Ganges to gather public support to clean the Ganges River.

JHU∙CCP announced today – Global Handwashing Day – that it has been awarded $760,000 from the Indian Ministry of the Environment to implement a two-year public awareness project in India. The project, Communication Support to the Mission for a Clean Ganges Project, will seek to strengthen public understanding, support and widespread participation for the Mission Clean Ganges program.

The water quality of the Ganges River has deteriorated over generations to dangerous levels because of population growth in the river basin and inadequate management of industrial/agricultural growth. As a result, exposures to harmful organic and inorganic compounds pose risks to populations bordering the river. Additionally, traditional festivals along the river dually serve as both an important cultural ritual and as time for increased river contamination. Therefore the project will work closely with key users and non users of the river to determine the most appropriate environmental and societal balance for this precious national resource.

The project will seek to improve public awareness of the individual and community-level activities that add to the deterioration of the Ganges River. By engaging a broad range of stakeholders, including religious leaders, state governments, environmentally-focused NGOs, community-based organizations and media, and addressing the infrastructural strengthening that is required, especially in sewage treatment and solid waste management, Communication Support to the Mission for a Clean Ganges Project seeks to have broad impact.

Communication Support to the Mission for a Clean Ganges Project will develop a comprehensive communication plan to catalyze the behavior changes that are needed to achieve the Mission Clean Ganges clean-up program; develop and implement advocacy strategies to publicly communicate activities, impact and benefits; and enhance the overall effectiveness of the Mission Clean Ganges program.

Communication Support to the Mission for a Clean Ganges Project will be led by CCP in partnership with Lowe Lintas and IMRB, two organizations based in India.

To learn more about this project, please contact Basil Safi, Asia Team Leader.

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