New K4Health FP Advocacy Toolkit: Moving Countries from Poverty to Prosperity

family planning toolkit
Funmilayo Ogundipe waits with her infant for the opening of an antenatal session at Orolodo primary health centre in Omuaran township in Nigeria’s central state of Kwara, Courtesy of Photoshare.

Hailed as “an excellent and worthwhile resource” by a field-based user, the new K4Health Family Planning Advocacy Toolkit provides information and tools to advocates to make the case for improved access to voluntary family planning (FP).

Ensuring access to voluntary FP is a cost effective, powerful strategy that contributes to a number of positive health and development outcomes, including the promotion of healthy, productive families and communities; prosperous and stable societies; environmental sustainability; and resource and food security.

“[FP] is one of those core interventions that helps countries move from poverty to prosperity,” explained Dr. Rajiv Shah, Administrator at USAID. “The reality is almost every country that has made that transition has changed the structure of its demographics with fewer young people and more working aged adults to support a growing economy.”

The Toolkit provides evidence of the link between FP and these developmental issues.

With a carefully selected collection of information and tools, it helps advocates, donors, policy makers, program managers and communication specialists ensure high-quality FP information and services for those in need.

The resource is not a comprehensive library of all existing FP advocacy materials but rather a strategic package of resources. It offers guidance and tools for understanding the policy environment and process, developing an advocacy strategy, communicating effectively with a variety of audiences, using data and evidence in support of voluntary FP and monitoring and evaluating advocacy efforts.

“Women are what will make [FP] work,” insisted Theo Sowa from the African Women’s Development Fund. “And when women have that role, men and families and communities will also prosper.”

The Family Planning Advocacy Toolkit is a collaborative effort between K4Health, the Health Policy Project, World Vision, UN Foundation, Christian Connections for International Health, Marie Stopes International and USAID.

View the Family Planning Advocacy Toolkit.

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