CCP’s Annual LSHC Workshop Evolves with its Participants

At this year’s Leadership in Strategic Health Communication (LSHC) Workshop, don’t expect course director Ben Lozare to cover the same ground as he did at last year’s workshop. Like its predecessors, the 28th annual course, which takes place May 31 to June 19, will reflect the knowledge and experience of its participants.

“The course continues to evolve over the years because our participants are our ‘teachers,’ Lozare says. “We learn so much from them since they come with extensive field experience and a wide range of cultural and political contexts.”

The registration deadline for CCP’s LSHC workshop has been extended to April 15. The three-week workshop includes specialized sessions on issues such as HIV, reproductive health, democracy and governance. Participants learn how to design and evaluate strategic health communication programs and to improve interpersonal communication skills.

The LSHC workshop depends on collaboration, Lozare says. “We have designed the course based on three principles — learning by doing, learning from one another and making the learning process enjoyable.” Participants perform a series of team exercises that result in “a sound and comprehensive strategic communication campaign.”

“The exercises simulate the real world, where people plan with others,” Lozare says. “These team exercises bring out the challenges of listening to others and arriving at a shared vision.”

All together, the LSHC workshop has more than 5000 alumni in the United States and overseas, including “our first ‘second generation’ participant,” Lozare says. We had one young lady from Nigeria who said her mother took the course 20 years ago and strongly urged her to take the course as it is ‘life changing.’ That was a pleasant surprise!”

For more information about the LSHC Workshop, contact:

Beonee McClarin, MHS
Program Coordinator
Phone: 410-659-6141
Fax: 410-659-2693


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