Nigerian Superstar 2Face Sings for Malaria-Free Possibility

“Malaria-free is a possibility – It will take a lot of effort from you and me.”

In his recently released single Play Your Part, the Nigerian superstar musician 2face Idibia uses the power of music to rally Nigerians around making a malaria-free life a reality for Nigerian families, communities and society.

This new chart-topper appeals to the hearts and minds of all Nigerians, and reminds audiences that malaria is a preventable and treatable disease that can be defeated if everyone comes together and takes action. Play Your Part is the national malaria theme song of Nigeria’s Malaria Elimination Program (NMEP) and features 2face’s signature smooth tone and danceable beats, as well as appearances from Nigerian musicians Sani Danja and Eve B.

The song’s title is a nod to the NMEP’s slogan, “For a Malaria-free Nigeria: Play Your Part.” The song was supported by USAID HC3 Nigeria Malaria Project, implemented by the CCP, and funded by the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI). The Center for Communication Programs Nigeria (CCPN) provided technical assistance.

For the moment, treat yourself to the “Play Your Part” music video and get ready to sing along to the beat. Also, look out for the song in a future episode of the hit Nollywood serial drama, “Newman Street.”

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