Malaria & Mosquitoes: A Tough Tag Team to Beat

Our most effective weapon to date against malaria? Insecticide-treated bed nets, delivered by the millions to Africa. But, increasingly, the bugs are changing. Mosquitoes are becoming immune to the insecticide used in the nets, endangering entire communities in malaria-endemic areas. Insecticide-treated nets are still a valuable tool against malaria, but no longer have the power they once did.

What’s the solution to this new battle in the war against malaria? Frankly, the global health community isn’t sure yet. There are lots of ideas but resources, increased dedication and fresh, innovative ideas are needed.

With this message in mind, CCP partnered with PolitiFact to create a short video about insecticide resistance, using animation to break down the complicated subject into something easily understood. The video was animated by a group of students at Baltimore’s own Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

Malaria and Mosquitos PSA from MICA Animation on Vimeo.

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