Submit Your Global Health Pictures to 2018 Photoshare Contest

The annual contest, recognizing the best in global health and development photography for more than a decade, is underway. Entry deadline is June 5.
This photo by Nandi Bwanali was an honorable mention in last year's Photoshare annual contest.

The 2018 Annual Photoshare Photo Contest is underway and entries for the $1,000 prize will be accepted until June 5.

Entering the contest is free and submissions can be made through Photoshare’s online photo submission form.

“For more than a decade, Photoshare’s annual contests have recognized the best in global health and development photography, helping grow the collection to nearly 35,000 free images,” says the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs’ David Alexander, who runs Photoshare for the K4Health project. “The contest rewards the talents and generosity of amateur and professional photographers from around the world who share photos for charitable and educational use, showing us how people from all over live and work and play. Contributing to Photoshare is an opportunity to highlight important public health initiatives and support nonprofit photo sharing.”

This year, Photoshare has continued its partnership with Girls’ Globe to present a new Sexual and Reproductive Health category. The winning photos from this featured category will be recognized with a social media-powered prize: the Photoshare People’s Choice Award. In addition to this special content focus, Photoshare continues its partnership with HIFA (Healthcare Information for All), on the Health Care Providers category, which focuses on the critical role of health care information and health workers and whose winner is recognized with the HIFA Photo Award.

This year’s contest features 11 categories covering a broad range of global public health and development topics: sexual and reproductive health; health care; family planning; HIV/AIDS; malaria and zika; environment; agriculture and economic development; democracy and governance; humanitarian and disaster relief; mHealth and communications technology; and global health and human interest.

Last year’s contest drew interest from amateur and professional photographers around the globe, including 203 participants who submitted more than 1,560 photos captured in 78 countries.

For more information, see Photoshare’s contest page or announcement.

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