KAP COVID Dashboards

Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs’ KAP COVID dashboards presents data from a global survey of knowledge, attitudes and practices around COVID-19. The data were collected from more than 1.5 million people in 67 countries who chose to participate in a survey promoted on Facebook. Researchers from MIT collected the data and Johns Hopkins CCP analyzed and presented the data on an easy-to-use COVID dashboards.

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Global Vaccine Acceptance

Most recent data from March 15, 2021. (Wave 18).

Global Vaccine Acceptance

Trend Analysis for 23 Countries

Most recent data from March 15, 2021. (Wave 18).

KAP COVID Trend Analysis For 23 Countries

Global and Regional View

Most recent data from November 2020.

KAP COVID Global map

Individual Country Views

Most recent data from November 2020.

KAP COVID Individual Country View

US and India Subnational View

India United States COVID knowledge attitudes and practices map

Additional Resources

March 10 Webinar: Utilizing Data from the KAP COVID Survey to Increase Vaccine Confidence and Reinforce Prevention Behaviors

View the presentation (PDF) from the March 10 webinar featuring data from Egypt and Pakistan that reflect varying trends within one WHO region and how social norms – or the unwritten rules that guide behavior – contribute to the development of messages and interventions around prevention and vaccine uptake.

COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance & Education Level

Country by country, public health officials should investigate whether educational differences are meaningful within particular areas or sub-groups. Tailoring messages based on education level can help shape the content & platform by which they are delivered.

View the graphic (PDF)



Resources from December 8, 2020 Presentation to American University of Beirut

Social Behavior Change Communication capacity building program for Lebanon’s UNICEF roving field officers, ministry of health counterparts and partners. Slide Deck (PDF) | Watch the Presentation (Video)

Resources from November 11 Webinar

Below are resources from the November 11 webinar, Utilizing Data from the KAP COVID Survey to Manage the COVID-19 Infodemic.

Unfortunately there was a technical issue with the English recording. Our sincere apologies.

There were some questions in particular about Facebook survey weights. You can read more here on the Facebook for Good website.

KAP COVID Presentation Template

kapcovid presentation template fileThis file provides a template and guides users through steps to create a PowerPoint presentation using the KAP COVID dashboard. 

The presentation created could be used for:

  • RCCE Communication
  • MOH Presentations
  • Partner Presentations
  • Academic Presentations
  • To inform Risk Communication

Resources from September 30 Webinar

Below are resources from the September 30 webinar, Global Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices around COVID-19: A Close-Up Look at the Data.

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Study Methods

Read the KAP COVID Study Methods (includes links to the survey questions and data source).


Babalola, S., Krenn, S., Rimal, R., Serlemitsos, E., Shaivitz, M., Shattuck, D., Storey, D. KAP COVID Dashboard.Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, Facebook Data for Good. Published September 2020. Data retrieved October 12, 2020. https://ccp.jhu.edu/kap-covid/