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Know Thyself: Behavioral Insights into Self-care Decision-making and Empowerment

How do people make decisions around self-care? And what is the relationship between self-care decisions and empowerment? In this interactive session, CCP staff and others will take a deep dive into understanding the perspectives, needs and challenges distinct populations across Africa and Asia – including youth, girls, women entering the workforce, special needs populations, and the elderly – face around self-care. We’ll also explore a social and behavior change framework that illuminates the behavioral elements of decision-making and empowerment to help us design effective self-care programs. We’ll discuss with the audience key topics related to self-care and empowerment, such as: when should people seek care and when should they self-manage? What is the provider’s role in setting these boundaries? What policies can amplify access and use of empowering self-care initiatives? Participants will leave this session with new insights and approaches to improve the impact and uptake of self-care interventions.