Raden Assifa Rahmah

Raden Assifa Rahmah

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I am happy I am able to make a difference in this fight.
– Raden Assifa Rahmah

In Indonesia, pharmacies are usually the initial source of health information in the community. Now they are playing an essential role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and correcting misinformation associated with the infectious disease.
Raden Assifa Rahmah is a pharmacist assistant on the island of Java. “Every day we see patients and they ask us for information on COVID-19,” she says.
The Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs’ Breakthrough ACTION program is working with USAID support to assist a dozen countries, including Indonesia, to prepare for and respond to the novel coronavirus spreading across the world. In Indonesia, Breakthrough ACTION is working with a digital platform called mClinica’s SwipeRx to reach more than 70,000 pharmacy professionals, including pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy owners and drug sellers, who counsel and dispense medicine daily. Through digital e-learning and awareness campaigns, they are receiving information to counsel community members on coronavirus prevention and dispel myths and rumors, as well as provide advice on what to do if patients or their family members have symptoms.
Rahmah has nothing but praise for the new resources.
“Now through the efforts of this campaign on SwipeRx, I feel more knowledgeable and informed,” she says. “I know I am now giving patients accurate and trusted information. I am happy I am able to make a difference in this fight.”

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