Breakthrough ACTION

Breakthrough-ACTION uses state-of-the-art, evidence-based tools to encourage people in developing countries to adopt healthy behaviors.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP) has received a five-year award with a $300 million ceiling from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to lead its social and behavior change programs around the world.

Breakthrough ACTION ignites collective action and encourages people to adopt healthier behaviors—from using modern contraceptive methods and sleeping under bed nets to being tested for HIV. The work harnesses the demonstrated power of communication and integrates innovative approaches from marketing science, behavioral economics, and human-centered design.

As USAID’s flagship global social and behavior change project, Breakthrough ACTION is active in  30 countries and growing.

The project’s focus areas include:

  • Malaria​
  • Maternal, newborn, and child health​
  • Nutrition​
  • Tuberculosis​
  • Zika​
  • Zoonotic diseases​

The project builds on the legacy of HC3 while nurturing new partnership with governments, civil society, and communities around the world to:







Implementing Partners:

Save the Children; ideas42; ThinkAction; Camber Collective; the International Center for Research on Women; and Viamo.



Move the Field Forward

Breakthrough ACTION is expanding connections between social and behavior change practitioners, strengthening their capacity in new approaches, and further developing the field through contributions to setting the global agenda.

Improve Health Outcomes

Breakthrough ACTION is addressing intractable challenges through established and new approaches that identify and solve behavioral barriers.

Implement High-Quality, Country-Driven Interventions

Breakthrough ACTION provides focused technical assistance to USAID Missions and partners around the world.

Strengthen Advocacy for Increased Investments

Breakthrough ACTION is providing leadership, making compelling arguments for, and elevating the importance of SBC.

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