bed nets

Finding the Gaps in Bed Net Use for Malaria Prevention

  A large majority of people living in sub-Saharan Africa who have insecticide-treated bed nets to prevent malaria transmission sleep under them regularly. But new research from the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs highlights gaps in use that could provide policymakers opportunities to expand

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The Net Detectives

Insecticide-treated bed nets are considered our most-effective weapon against malaria, responsible for 68 percent of the reduction in malaria cases across the world since 2000. In countries where the disease is common, an estimated 80 percent of people with a net slept under it last

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The New VectorWorks Website is a Net Gain

With the launch this week of a VectorWorks website in the run-up to World Malaria Day, the CCP-led project’s bounty of resources and research updates are now readily available in a central archive. The VectorWorks website “introduces the project and what we’re working on and

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