The Knowledge Management Pocket Guide for Global Health Programs

This Pocket Guide is part of the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project’s Knowledge Management Collection, a family of resources designed for global health professionals to help them understand, use, and train others on knowledge management (KM) approaches, tools, and techniques. The foundation of the KM Collection is the KM Road Map—a five-step systematic process for generating, collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, and sharing knowledge. The Pocket Guide provides a basic overview of the KM Road Map and serves as a quick reference on key steps for applying the Road Map to global health programs.

For trainers implementing a KM training workshop, consider providing copies (electronic or print) of the Pocket Guide or the companion Building Better Programs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Knowledge Management in Global Health to participants to use as a reference material both during the training and afterward, to help apply the knowledge gained from the workshop into their daily work. You can also print and hang The Knowledge Management Road Map poster in the venue to reinforce the five-step process throughout the training workshop.