knowledge management
KM Road Map for Public Health Emergencies

This KM Road Map for Public Health Emergencies provides an overview of how to implement KM during a public health emergency, such as an infectious disease outbreak. It outlines a step-by-step process that implementing partners, public health professionals, and donors can adapt to their contexts.

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Diagram of the Social and Behavior Change Flow Chart
Social and Behavior Change Flow Chart

The Social and Behavior Change Flow Chart is CCP’s design process for social and behavior change activities to address health or development challenges. The SBC Flow Chart comprises three phases, Define, Design and Test, and Apply. This integrated approach draws on design, behavioral science, community engagement, market research and communication, and brings together the strengths of each discipline, methodology and technique to create new opportunities for innovative SBC solutions.

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GHKC Knowledge Management Indicator Library

The Global Health Knowledge Collaborative (GHKC) Knowledge Management (KM) Indicator Library offers a set of tools and comprehensive guidance to anyone designing KM activities and measuring KM approaches, in particular those who working in the field of global health and development.

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SBC Message Framework

Advocating for social and behavior change approaches? Understand the factors that influence whether a stakeholder invests in or supports social and behavior change. Take our short quiz and receive guidance on how to lead a successful conversation.

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Interpersonal Communication for Immunization

This website,, is part of a global package of tools and resources designed to support frontline health workers in their immunization work, with a focus on improving their capacity to effectively use IPC to address barriers to immunization uptake and completion. The primary audience for the interpersonal communication for immunization (IPC/I) package is frontline health workers who provide immunization services.

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