Investment in SBC Capacity

CCP works to foster sustainable social and behavior change (SBC) expertise across countries and to support the next generation of SBC leaders to face the challenges ahead. Our approach to capacity strengthening builds upon existing expertise, systems and connections, and then creates opportunities for learning and growth where there are gaps. 

We combine formal training with hands-on experience in applying new skills. We provide digital resources and support horizontal learning opportunities through peer assists, community platforms, tailored events and more. Through our global network, we have nurtured more than a dozen independent country-based health communication non-governmental organizations from Tanzania to Nigeria to Pakistan. 

And, we do it through our popular and transformational Leadership in Strategic Communication Workshop which has trained more than 5,000 communication professionals from all over the world from policymakers to donor staff to program administrators. 

Our capacity strengthening is grounded in helping us and others more effectively support the communities we serve.


The partners we work with often do not have the financial resources, experience or access to the latest developments in social and behavior change (SBC).

To build on the capacity and resources that do exist and to bring the advantages of new approaches, CCP created the Experience Lab. Part of the USAID-funded Social and Behavior Change Activity in Uganda, the lab is workspace where SBC experts and practitioners can collaborate on co-designing and testing new interventions, The lab also offers small grants to local organizations to help fund solutions to their sticky social and behavior change challenges.

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