When it comes to telling an engaging story that prompts the audience to reflect on their own lives and make healthy choices, CCP excels.

A global leader in the field of Entertainment Education for over 30 years, CCP combines analysis and theory with the art of storytelling. The result is a large collection of emotionally resonant stories that enable audiences to identify with fictional counterparts whose behavior is modelled in real life.

CCP programs use film, television, radio, comic books, traditional storytelling forms, as well as the internet and mobile phones to bring engrossing narratives to audiences around the world.

Using evidence-based theories of behavior change, CCP embeds its productions with messages centered on urgent health and social topics such family planning, gender equity, HIV stigma, treatment, and prevention, and more. Interactive features, such as listeners’ clubs, call-in shows, community activities and online planning tools help to reinforce desired messages.

For more information, contact: Caroline Jacoby | cjacoby@jhu.edu

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