Social and Behavior Change Communication

CCP was founded on the belief that social and behavior change communication (SBCC) is key to solving the world’s most pressing health problems. We are a pioneer in SBCC for health and are widely acknowledged as a leader in the field. We are not partial to any one communication approach. We care about only one thing: does our work inspire healthy behaviors?

CCP combines innovation and creativity with grounding in theory and evidence. Fundamental to our approach is our understanding that behaviors and norms are grounded in a complex socio-ecological context—i.e., behavior doesn’t occur in a vacuum–and that successful programs require communication interventions at multiple levels. 

Our communication approaches seek to understand why and how people behave as they do. We examine the structural, social and supply-side barriers to better health and we design comprehensive solutions to eliminate those barriers.

Our projects often include advocacy communication to change behaviors and norms at the political and social levels as well as mass media programming and community-level activities to prompt conversations.  Our toolkit includes digital media, broadcast media, community media, interpersonal communication, advocacy and capacity building.

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What is SBCC?

This infographic explains SBCC and its benefits.

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