Mass Media Campaign Promotes Family Planning in India

“A happy and healthy family results when husband and wife … use the knowledge gained from health providers to plan their family.” (Pati patni karein vichar, swasth naari, swasth parivar)

Linked by this tagline, over a dozen new TV and radio spots with family planning messages have been aired across India since 2009. The nine new TV spots and seven new radio spots were developed by CCP under the Innovations in Family Planning Services-II (IFPS-II) project, a six-year USAID-funded project led by the Futures Group that addresses reproductive and child health activities at the national level and in three states in northern India (Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand).

The TV and radio spots were developed following extensive research from previous phases of the mass media campaign that used multiple creative approaches including celebrities, cultural and traditional symbols, and everyday life situations. Findings from the research show that creative, memorable and entertaining behavior change messages that are simple and culturally appropriate, and reinforced and expanded on over time, can impact family planning behavior.

The current campaign seeks to address gaps in family planning knowledge, focusing on birth spacing, postpartum family planning and adoption of modern contraceptive methods, targeting newlyweds, and encouraging male participation in FP decision-making.

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