New, Improved Photoshare Website Launched

CCP and K4Health are pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved Photoshare.

Photoshare was first created in 2003 as a platform to share images that document the realities of rural and urban life in developing countries, and knowledge about the importance of ethics, informed consent and fair use for editorial photography.

The Photoshare site now houses almost 20,000 images. Over 65% of contributing photographers live or work in developing countries, and 65% of users requesting images live in developed countries.

The new Photoshare site expands and enhances current services while delivering a range of new features and interactions for requesting Photoshare images, and for photographers sharing their work for nonprofit educational use.

The new enhancements and features of Photoshare include:

    • User profiles
    • New search display with thumbnail view
    • Faceted search for filtering and refining search results
    • Image light boxes
    • Updated forms and request processes
    • Improved access to images
    • Faster processing of requests
    • Photo upload functionality
    • Improved monitoring for the use of shared images

Visit Photoshare to explore the extensive collection.

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