HIV Communication Saves Lives: CCP at AIDS 2012

AIDS 2012

“We stand at a unique time in the history of the AIDS epidemic.”

This declaration by the organizers of the 19th International AIDS Conference asserts that new advances in science coupled with changes in social norms are creating an environment where what was once unthinkable is now possible: an end to the AIDS epidemic.

CCP’s groundbreaking research reflects this spirit of optimism. CCP staff will present nine abstracts at the 19th International AIDS Conference on the contribution of strategic communication to the fight against AIDS.

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To learn more about AIDS 2012 and view the conference’s complete program, visit the AIDS 2012 website.

The following is a list of all CCP staff presentations at AIDS 2012:

Sunday 22 July

Session Number SUSA72: Where the Tide Will Turn: How is Community Level Participation Most Effective in Turning the Tide?

Organized by USAID, Office of HIV and AIDS; AIDSTAR-One

Presentation by G. Mkandawire: Promoting HIV Prevention Through Stimulation of Community Vibrancy and Self-Efficacy In Malawi

Monday 23 July

Abstract Number MOPE377: The effects of communication programs on HIV testing in South Africa

M. Do, D.L. Kincaid, M.E. Figueroa

Abstract Number MOPE457: Knowledge for Health: building eLearning capacity to support knowledge sharing and skills building for HIV/AIDS programming in southern Africa

D. Davies-Deis, C. Mickish, C. Visser, S. Dalessandro

Tuesday 24 July

Abstract Number TUPE180: Multilevel indices for multilevel programs: validation of two indices to inform and assess the effects of interventions to reduce girls’ vulnerability to HIV

C. Underwood, H. Schwandt

Abstract Number TUPE372: Shifting the tide: HIV prevention communication and consistent condom use among youth in Mozambique

D.L. Kincaid, M.E. Figueroa

Abstract Number TUPE683: Promoting knowledge sharing, adaptation and use: an evidence-based approach

D. Davies-Deis, S. Mazursky, L. Mwaikambo

Wednesday 25 July


Abstract Number WEPDC0203: Changes in HIV testing and condom use in Malawi: longitudinal findings at midterm from the Malawi BRIDGE II Project

R.N. Rimal1, G. Mkandawire, W. Dothi, P. Roberts, J. Brown, R. Limaye

Thursday 26 July

Abstract Number THPE485: HIV-related stigma: patterns and connections with perceived risk and risky behaviour in a matured HIV epidemic – a case study from Uganda

E. Kaggwa, R. Nangai, C. Lettenmaier, S. Ndizeye

Abstract Number THPE624: HIV, gender and culture: lessons from group discussions in Mozambique

R. Arias, M.E. Figueroa, P. Poppe

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